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Factory scheduled maintenance

All vehicles will eventually show signs of wear and performance dips. That’s why getting factory scheduled maintenance is essential for maintaining its health and performance. This will help ensure that critical components such as brakes, engines, and tires remain in good condition for years to come.

At Legend Motor Works, we have highly-qualified technicians with over 10 years of experience providing manufacturer-recommended maintenance services on all types of vehicles in Colorado Springs, CO. Avoid costly repairs down the road – schedule an appointment with us today and let us take care of your car!

Our comprehensive factory scheduled maintenance services

Your car is one of the most important investments you’ll make, so it’s crucial to keep it running in peak condition. At Legend Motor Works, we offer comprehensive factory scheduled maintenance services to keep your car running like new.

Below are some of the most popular factory scheduled maintenance services we offer:

30k, 60k, 90k, 120k services

When it comes to factory scheduled maintenance services, most manufacturers follow a 30-60-90 schedule. This refers to inspections, changes, or replacements at 30k, 60k, 90k, and 120k miles. However, some consumable parts like rubber gaskets and tires may need to be checked more frequently as they can wear out at irregular intervals. For everything else, our mileage-specific services will cover all the other necessary maintenance items for your vehicle.

Front and rear differential fluid change

The differential fluid helps reduce the heat from the moving parts inside your car's differential. But over time, friction and heat will break down the fluid leading to noise, unreliable performance, excessive wear, or failure. With our differential fluid change service, our mechanics will drain the old fluid and replace it with fresh differential fluid. This will ensure a smooth ride and peak performance at all times.

Coolant flush

Over time, your engine coolant can become dirty and ineffective. A coolant flush involves draining the old coolant from your radiator, flushing out the system, and adding new antifreeze. This simple service can help prevent corrosion and keep your engine running at optimal temperature.

Fuel injection

Do you experience rough idling, poor acceleration, or a lean misfire? Your fuel injectors might be clogged. If you encounter any of these, give our repair shop a visit. Our experienced team has the tools and expertise needed to remove any build-up in your injector nozzles.

Carbon cleaning services

Another service that has become increasingly popular is carbon cleaning. This process removes built-up carbon from the intake valves of direct injection engines. Carbon cleaning is typically needed every 60,000 miles or sooner, depending on your driving style, air and fuel quality, and regular maintenance. If your car has a gdi engine or if you're unsure whether you need carbon cleaning, contact us for a free consultation.

Our customers love us and so will you!

Car owners in Colorado Springs and around the Front Range Urban Corridor say we are the best auto repair shop in town – and we agree. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality service and offer solutions that work for your budget and lifestyle. For more than a decade now, Legend Motor Works has been a household name in Colorado when it comes to workmanship and excellent automotive repairs.

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Top-rated factory scheduled maintenance services in colorado springs, co

For quality factory scheduled maintenance services in Colorado Springs, CO, look no further than Legend Motor Works. We offer a wide range of automotive services to keep your car running like new without breaking the bank. If you don’t see the service you need, please contact us or visit Legend Motor Works at 25 Commerce St, Colorado Springs, CO 80907. Schedule an appointment today and see the difference!

At Legend Motor Works, you can rest assured that we will treat your car with the care and expertise it deserves. Please schedule an appointment online or visit us at 25 Commerce St., Colorado Springs, CO 80907.

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