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Winterize Your BMW: Expert Maintenance Advice from Legend Motor Works

When the winter season rolls in, bringing with it the chill and sometimes harsh weather, your BMW requires special attention to maintain its performance and safety. At Legend Motor Works in Colorado Springs, our commitment to excellence shines through our expert advice and services for winterizing your modern BMW. Here’s our professional guide to advanced winter care for your cherished vehicle.

Understanding the Importance of Winter Care For Your BMW

Winter conditions can be tough on any vehicle, but especially on precision-engineered ones like BMWs. Cold temperatures can affect battery life and tire pressure, while ice and salt can lead to rust and corrosion. That’s why at Legend Motor Works, we emphasize preventative maintenance for your BMW to address these issues before they become problems.

BMW Battery Performance in Cold Weather in Colorado Springs

Your BMW’s battery capacity decreases in cold weather, which can result in starting issues. To avoid this, we recommend having your battery tested as winter approaches. If it’s near the end of its life, consider replacing it with one that has a higher Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) rating, suitable for the lower temperatures we experience in Colorado Springs.

Tire Care for Better Traction

Traction is crucial in winter. Your BMW’s standard tires may not suffice for snowy and icy conditions. We suggest switching to winter tires that are designed to grip the road better when it’s cold. Moreover, tire pressure drops in lower temperatures, so it’s essential to check it regularly to ensure optimal performance and fuel efficiency.

Fluids That Protect

Fluids in your vehicle, like oil and antifreeze, need to be suitable for winter use. We recommend switching to a lower-viscosity oil, which performs better in cold conditions, ensuring your engine remains protected and runs smoothly. Antifreeze levels should also be checked and topped up if necessary to prevent freezing.

Wipers and Lights for Visibility

Visibility can be a challenge during winter. At Legend Motor Works, we’ll ensure your wipers are in good condition and recommend using winter wiper blades that are designed to handle ice and snow. We’ll also check your lights to ensure they’re working properly, so you can see and be seen during those shorter, often darker days.

Prevent Rust and Corrosion

Road salt is beneficial for melting snow, but it’s a nemesis for your vehicle’s underbody. Regular washes, including an underbody flush, can help prevent rust and corrosion. We offer services to clean and protect your BMW’s undercarriage throughout the winter months.

The Technet Warranty Advantage

Unforeseen issues can still arise, despite the best care. That’s where our 36-month/36,000-mile nationwide Technet warranty comes into play, offering you peace of mind knowing that you’re covered, no matter where your winter travels take you.

BG Services: The Extra Mile

As part of our dedication to detail, we offer BG services to ensure every aspect of your vehicle is prepared for winter. These services include everything from fuel system treatment to ensure optimal performance in cold weather to coolant system service to prevent freezing.

Personalized Advice and Service

Every BMW is unique, and so are the driving habits of every owner. At Legend Motor Works, we provide personalized advice and tailor our services to suit your specific BMW model and your individual needs.

Remember, taking the time to winterize your BMW is an investment in its longevity and safety. As your local experts in Colorado Springs, we’re here to ensure your vehicle is well-prepared for the winter months. Contact us at (719) 332-7475 or visit us at 21 Commerce Street to schedule your winter service appointment. Stay safe and enjoy the confidence of driving a well-maintained BMW this winter season.

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